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Natural Childbirth

by Cyndi Egbert

What is natural childbirth? I believe it to be birth without any intervention. I feel strongly that most women are capable of having birth experiences that are safe, fulfilling, and glorifying to God without any outside interference.

Many of the intrusions upon birth lead to others. A fetal monitor leads to restriction of movement or position, which can lead to less comfort, which can lead to pain medications, which can lead to stalled labor, which can lead to pitocin, which can lead to fetal distress, which can lead to cesarean. See what I mean?

While this scenario is not always the way it plays out, it happens often enough that it should be of concern to every birthing woman. God made our bodies to give birth, not to be cut open. Sometimes things go wrong and intervention may be life-saving, but more often the things that went wrong were caused by the actions that preceded.

Because of my belief that God made birth to work, I have developed a philosophy of birth that is centered on the right and capability of women to birth their babies themselves, without drugs or unnecessary procedures.

In the Bible, there is only one instance of a woman dying in childbirth. Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin (Genesis 35:16-18). He was apparently in some type of breech or transverse position because the midwife knew he was a boy. Also worthy of noting is that Rachel was under a curse of death (Genesis 31:32).

God is the Great Physician, the great I AM, the Balm of Gilead. Isaiah 66:9 - "'Shall I bring to the time of birth, and not cause delivery?' says the LORD. 'Shall I who cause delivery shut up the womb?' says your God."

We need to turn birth back over to God, with an occasional assist, as opposed to letting it continue as a medical event with an occasional prayer.

copyright by Cyndi Egbert
Used by permission


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