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Dana Joy 07-14-2008 06:35 PM

What do you use as drinking water? I hate the feeling of excess of buying bottled water, esp since most of the world would kill for the clean water source we have. BUT I worry about what is in the tapwater too.

What do you use?

Mother of Sons 07-14-2008 06:37 PM

Re: Water?
I hate doing it but we buy aquafina. It tastes the best. There is a filter that you can buy at home depot that filters your own tap water on a water cooler and it works really well. I bought one, but it doesn't fit on the cooler I got so I'm back to aquafina for the time being.

HomeWithMyBabies 07-14-2008 06:41 PM

Re: Water?
Our fridge has a simple filter in it, so I fill up my water bottle there. Our town doesn't add any fluoride, etc to the water but after we move I will be looking for a high quality filter for drinking and cooking.

Ali 07-14-2008 07:10 PM

Re: Water?
I buy bottled for when we are going out of the house and I need to bring water along. When I am home, we have a Pur filter on the tap, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a reverse osmosis system under the sink - maybe some day!

deena 07-14-2008 07:15 PM

Re: Water?
We use a water cooler and love it. We can buy refills at Home Depot for only 5.99 (for five gallons) and on weeks that we run out of money I just buy a few gallons of water at the store and refill it myself for $2. I try not to do that tooooo much though to keep it really clean.

BeasleyQ 07-14-2008 07:34 PM

Re: Water?
We use this one
I have considered buying the filter for the shower too - I've heard stories about how we absorb so many toxins through our skin and our lungs during a shower.... Maybe for Christmas....

Weezie 07-14-2008 07:42 PM

Re: Water?
Currently we order from Culligan and have it delivered- raunchy well water here.
New house has municipal water, so we'll be good there! :rockon

cobluegirl 07-14-2008 07:53 PM

Re: Water?
We have an RO on the only complaint is that it isn't big enough....we run out of water... AND the filters are really expensive... By the time we replace filters twice..(supposed to be every 6 months..we haven't made it that far) you have paid for the unit...

JellyBean 07-14-2008 08:00 PM

Re: Water?
I have the aquasana filter. We also have the shower filters too.

SonshineMama 07-15-2008 05:50 AM

Re: Water?
We have an water ionizer and try not to drink water anywhere -- we bring our own ;) It's alkaline water and supposed to be "the way God made water" to sum it up. We REALLY really REALLY love it. It was extremely expensive but I am happy to say it's helped Luke become alkaline (no other dietary changes) :tu and helped with a few other things. It sounds unbelieveable but I actually had detox symptoms when I first started drinking it :jawdrop

We have this one ANd the snyderhealth guy is really nice :tu

SonshineMama 07-15-2008 05:53 AM

Re: Water?
We also have a shower filter but I am pretty sure I want to get a new one because we are getting rid of our RO system and we bought the shower filter there thinking that was the easiest way but now I never buy anything from that website.

Yuliana 07-15-2008 05:54 AM

Re: Water?
I drink tap water. I have done it since I was born and my kids too, so tap water for us.

cobluegirl 07-15-2008 07:53 AM

Re: Water?
I want what sonshinemama has...

Living My Dream 07-15-2008 07:56 AM

Re: Water?
how do you find out whats in your water?

Apple-Saucy 07-15-2008 08:01 AM

Re: Water?

Originally Posted by Lula
how do you find out whats in your water?

Your local township is supposed to periodically test the water. If you have a water processing plant you can call them too.

OR you can go to your local health department or hardware store and get a water testing kit

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