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marbles 04-04-2020 10:03 AM

DIY kid face masks
Have any of you made face masks? I want to have some for the kids just in case, my husband is an essential worker and if he's not here we may have to go out. Like what if one of them breaks a bone or something, I mean I don't know. I just would like them to have a mask ready. But I don't have a sewing machine. I've seen no-sew ones with like a handkerchief but I still have to buy material for that. Joann has a free pattern that seems to sew through interfacing, I know I'd have to adjust that in order to use that pattern. Is it possible to make a decent kid size mask with needle and thread? I've sewn things before, it's just been a while. I'm inexperienced but not a newb, I'd like to have an idea what I'm doing before I buy materials.

MudPies 04-04-2020 10:33 AM

Re: DIY kid face masks
I made these. My older 3 kids used an adult size, the younger 2 the kidsí size. I do not have a machine- they were not too hard by hand. I did make the sides longer.

knitlove 04-04-2020 11:48 AM

Re: DIY kid face masks

This is the ones I have been making. Early bird could wear the normal size one and for wiggle worm I increased the seam allowance by 1/8 of an inch and it works.

I am alsmot finished with 2 masks for each of us

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heartofjoy 04-04-2020 11:54 AM

Re: DIY kid face masks
I saw this one. No sew

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Soliloquy 04-04-2020 01:52 PM

Re: DIY kid face masks

Originally Posted by heartofjoy (Post 6212076)
I saw this one. No sew

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Thank you! I just made two. I'm going to try dish towels, too. Now I feel better if I have to leave since I have symptoms (no, I'm not leaving home unless I have to).

Beatrice 07-31-2020 05:42 AM

Re: DIY kid face masks
I made masks for all my family. I don't have any sewing machine also and the last time I was sewing was at school. But are great really. I've made a paper stencil and only then from textile. For kids I've just printed a stencil in a smaller score and tried on them.

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