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righteous mama 03-14-2005 08:33 PM

Resources for Healthy Living
OK, I'm going to edit this as I get information. Can you all post website or books that I can list for information?

Healthy Home
(naturally clean home)

Introduction to Homeopathy
Referrals to Classical Homeopaths
Homeopathy Information

"Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child" by Janet Zand, et al
"Natural Medicine for Children" by Stuart Scott
Homoeopathy in Epidemic Diseases by Dr. Dorothy Shepherd
"The Complete Homeopathy Handbook" by Miranda Castro
Shonda Parker's "Mommy Diagnostics"

Pediatric Herb Compendium

PurpleButterfly 03-25-2005 11:36 PM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
Organics and nutrition for children:

Top 10 foods to eat organically:

Naturally healthy pets:

Healthy home:

How to make your own non-toxic cleaning kit:

Green kitchen:

Homemade healthy self (personal care recipes):

Outdoor living (pest control, organic gardening, nature activities, lawn care, backyard wildlife) :

Healthworld Online - natural and alternative health information for the whole family:

Herbology for children:

Natural Health and Healing Books:

Kids, Herbs and Health, by Sunny Mavor

Your Vital Child, by Mark and Angela Stengler,ND's

Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child by Janet Zand, et al.

How to Have a Healthier Child In Spite of Your Doctor by Robert Mendhelson, MD

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations, by Stephanie Cave, MD

No More Antibiotics: Preventing and Treating Ear and Respiratory Infections the Natural Way,
by Mary Ann Dr Block

I'll add more as I think of them. :hearts

cobluegirl 03-26-2005 12:06 AM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
yeah I knew Kym would have info!!!

AngelBee 07-04-2005 11:01 AM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living Great natural family living website FULL of info. (Very liberal site....just so ya know! :hearts )

cobluegirl 07-09-2005 11:47 AM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living

Originally Posted by AngelBee Great natural family living website FULL of info. (Very liberal site....just so ya know! :hearts )

oh yes..that is how I found GCM...hehe....long time member.

jan 08-14-2005 10:00 PM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living

Mama Rophe 12-07-2005 03:33 PM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
The Ultimate Healing System by Donald Lepore, N.D.

hbmamma 02-01-2006 08:04 AM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
Had some really good suggestions for healthy eating and living :)
(some might find a bit extreme :O )

ally 06-11-2006 04:48 PM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
:peace hi all

wow..More to read! :lol

we are in the middle of renovations and my room has become a store room for everything in the house :doh
... i tried to find one book in particular which i find helpful for childrens...i couldnt find it but it is by

Valerie Ann Worwood ..and its called something like "Aromatherapy for children"

i find aromatherapy great with children esp..its very gentle and works great..esp rubs and inhalations and Valerie really knows her stuff
(i will confirm name when i find the book!)

:heart ally

malakoa 09-26-2006 08:28 PM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
My doctor recommended there is helpful information about food, beauty products and healthful living.

jghomeschooler 04-22-2007 07:30 PM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
Introduction to Homeopathy link in the first post- got an icky feeling from reading some of her stuff, then I clicked on the "back to well within" link at the bottom of the page. :hunh Yikes, major ick factor. Just thought I'd add that JIC anyone was thinking about taking her online course. :sick
As you were. :mrgreen

cobluegirl 04-24-2007 04:03 PM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
can you explain Jenn? That is the course that I took.

jghomeschooler 04-24-2007 04:49 PM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
I just got a bad spiritual vibe from that site, so I explored. :shrug The other pages on the site talk about "earth mysteries" and "sacred sites" that really give off a bad spiritual vibe (at least I am perceiving a bad spiritual vibe from it all). I know many may not agree, but I just wanted to post the warning for those who may not want to support such a thing, or who would wish to avoid anything connected with such things. :mrgreen

cobluegirl 04-24-2007 07:05 PM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
Sheri is into newage...I will give you that. however that has nothing to do with her homeopathy class. I guess it doesn't rub me funny because I know her a little. I can see how she would come off as a total flake to someone though.

jghomeschooler 04-24-2007 07:25 PM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
:giggle It wasn't "flakey-ness", LOL. It was just a spiritual thing, I frequently get "evil" vibes from things- movies trailers, pictures, paintings, sculptures, literature, even just links sometimes (though nothing in the name of the link leads me to think the site content should be "bad"). It's just a spiritual discernment thing with me, that has grown stronger over time, and I felt it weighing heavily upon me to share this discernment here regarding that site. :shrug So I did. :) :heart

jghomeschooler 04-24-2007 07:28 PM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
Also wanted to add that IMNSHO, a person's spirtuality DOES influence EVERYthing in their lives- whether it is obvious or not. :shrug
Your religious/spiritual choices affect your worldview, and can taint teachings. Like I said above though, I got a really strong "vibe" just from looking at and reading the page on homeopathy- so it does indeed have something to do with the homeopathy class. :heart :heart :heart :heart :heart :heart :heart :heart :heart :heart :shifty

cobluegirl 04-24-2007 07:50 PM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
well..I can somewhat agree. :) You have every right to express your thoughts, feelings etc...I was just trying to understand what you are saying that is all. I took the class 5+ years ago. I think her site has evolved a little since then. She runs the vax list on yahoo. She grew up in a dysfunctional christian household I believe and she has some very negative opinions of "us". :-)
You are right that world view does affect your decisions, opinions etc..I was just stating that her spirituality doesn't affect the usefullness of homeopathy. The class is strictly facts. I still have it saved..It may also mean something different to her than it does me.

Proverbs3Rubies 07-25-2014 07:09 AM

Re: UPDATES??? Resources for Healthy Living
Has anyone anything to add to this since....(lemme look)...2005ish?!?! :giggle

Looking for books, sites, blogs with everything herbal/natural. 😊

MamaSam 07-25-2014 09:11 AM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
I recently started the vintage remedies family herbalist course and am enjoying that. You can buy some books there without taking a course,but there are several courses!

I also ordered the book nourishing traditions but haven't received it yet.

Allison 07-25-2014 10:15 AM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
I blog about natural living. I have real food recipes, essential oil recipes and info, natural parenting, mindful living, etc.

My book recommends are Real Food by Nina Planck, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price.

Proverbs3Rubies 07-25-2014 11:54 AM

Re: Resources for Healthy Living
I started following you on P and IG. (I have no FB or Twitter.)

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