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Default Re: Spin off: Home school vs. public school at home

Originally Posted by elcollins
If they are teaching their child at home then why isn't it homeschooling.
'Homeschooling' was a convenient label used to describe a level of parental autonomy and responsiblity that worked until the virual academy, etc were developed. The label was/is easy, but it was never intended to simply describe 'where' the child was being educated, but an educational experience and philosophy that is different from a charter or vs experience. By limiting the defintion, it is not intended to make any value judgement on our vs/cs sisters, only to preserve the original definition.
Yes! I really want moms to understand this. Independent HSers are not trying to make any value judgement on our vs/cs sisters. We want to protect you. We want to protect our homeschooling law from being re-defined.

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