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Default 5 year old stays awake

He will stay awake all night if he can find enough reasons....heís always been rough in the sleep department since birth. But heís been in his own bed in his own room for 2 1/2 years now.
Things have gotten worse and worse and Iím so exhausted Iím desperate. He wakes me up over nothing all night long. In and out of his room. For example he woke up at 1:30 this morning for a drink....and proceeded to take 5 potty breaks following that sip of water and never went back to sleep. How is this even possible??? He doesnít nap. His sleep deprivation is affecting everything too. He canít even manage to go from the house to the car without a meltdown.
Iím majorly summarizing here bc itís so much to explain. He is anxious and obsessive with his belongings. And refuses to ever be alone. Which as an introverted person myself, is exhausting. He talks nonstop. But when I sit down to play with him (pretend or a game) he wonít play. He would rather talk at me or interrupt his little brother who pretends off on his own happily most of the day.
He also has chronic upper and lower respiratory illness so he does 45mins of meds twice daily. Heís just beginning pre-k at home. And we have always been strict with diet and play time and sleep time etc. we follow through and are consistent. Always have been.
The only way to even get him to initially fall asleep is two childrenís chewable melatonin tabs. But he never stays asleep. But on the rare days when he happens to sleep a decent night and take a nap too, heís an incredible and totally different kid!
Someone please tell me Iím not alone here. Do I take him to a therapist for the anxiety and aggressive behaviors (mostly emotionally aggressive with all of us, but he will be physically aggressive too if anyone dares touch or move his things..)
Disclaimer-his Dad had an emotional burn out and was gone from the house for 2months at the start of 2018 which has compounded all of these issues that DS was already having.
Iím completely at a loss...Iím so sorry this is a crazy long post [emoji15][emoji51]

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