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Default Re: 5 year old stays awake

Originally Posted by mamacat View Post
I understand that not wanting him back in there but sometimes knowng they can in their own sleeping bag on floor (not your bed and only if he doesnt wake you up)keeps them from actually doing it.Just for a season. Would also try to think of an activity for him to engage in and focus on before you are going to do something ele like working on a Lego set. Be firm about redirecting him. After I wash the dishes I will talk to you for 10 minutes so I can really listen but until then you need to go do xyor z
Ill pray about the sleeping bag idea. I have a dear friend with 5 older kids who has suggested the same thing. His inability to let me sleep though scares me. I covet those few broken hours. And I've tried those other suggestions too, but not very consistently. The more tired I am, the more sloppy my mothering and mind are these days. I also used to engage him more one on one, but I'm so completely worn out/burned out by my own kid. I hate even admitting that.

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Originally Posted by Katigre View Post
Has he been evaluated for developmental delays or issues like ADHD? It really sounds like he's got some other issues that are major factors in his behavior and sleep.
Originally Posted by BestLaidPlans View Post
These were my exact thoughts.
Thats where my mind goes too...He's so extremely smart, and gets obsessive with certain things. But then, I second guess myself and don't want to start down that route bc we've been on this long road with his upper and lower respiratory issues for 2years without answers...I have already had one local specialist accuse me of trying to get attention and that he wasn't actually sick (two weeks before he was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia for the second time...) I am fearful. Fearful of more tests and drs and explaining and scrutiny and bills too.
If we had family support on either side all of this would be so much easier to endure perhaps? God has given us a village. I simply second guess myself with FEARS.
Where and how would I even begin to explore this? My biggest hitch is the possibility of his behavior being side effects...He is physically delayed from all of the oral and inhaled steroids, and he has spent so much time stuck at home without contact with others beyond occasional church services when he's healthy, that he's emotionally behind too.
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