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Hi there.

My ds learned to read at 4 with Reading Made Easy. It really worked well for about the first quarter of the curriculum and then we stopped sometime after learning the long vowels...which comes after learning the short vowels...anyways, we stopped because he took off reading on his own. No longer content to read the short stories or word lists, but real books from the library.

We loved RME. It was scripted which was great for me because I was new to this and very unsure of myself. It is just open and go. I had looked at learning to read in 100 lessons and didn't like the looks of it. This seemed to fit us so good.

We had lots of fun. Check out samples at One thing we did was cover up the picture that went with the short sentence he had to read at the end of the lesson (by the way they start reading words very soon into the curriculum) It was a surprise for him to see the "funny picture" as he put it. Then there are scripted questions about the picture to get your child talking and thinking about what they see. Also, I printed out the sentence on paper and cut out each word (very quick to do...) and we scrambled it up. He then would LOVE to put it in order. After that we made up funny sentences...using the words to make a sentence that didn't make sense. The neat thing was everytime we did that he would be READING the words...doesn't matter if they are in the right order or not, right?

It is also scripted into the lessons on what a period letter at the beginning of a sentence, etc.

I enjoyed the short time we used this before he took off reading.

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