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Default Re: Learning to Read

Well, based on that glowing recomendation, we decided to go with RME! The phonetic spelling thing that was mentined with 100 EZ lessons seemed a little too off for me. I know tons of kids have learned to read with it, but.... Thank you for the tons of extra suggestions to go with RME! That sounds like a lot of fun. I ordered the CD version so I'll have to either print it out or we can do it sitting at the computer if I'm low on ink, LOL. I'll report back how we like it once we get going.

Oh-for those who have used this, do you think we need to start at the very beginning or could I potentially start with what is new for dd. She knows all her hard consonant sounds, and short vowels. Do you think I should start at the beginning with her or start with what is new?
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