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Great topic!

I am currently teaching my six year old son to read. We are using An Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading. I'm going with the phonics approach, obviously. It's going great. I like that the program offers us the flexibility to only move to the next lesson when he's ready. We've been taking a couple of days per page. He just started reading the Bob Books (got 'em at Costco) and he's really proud, if he doesn't feel like he's getting anywhere with his reading "lesson" the Bob Books help him to realize he IS reading! He's on book 3 "Dot."

I started him around age four doing Hooked on Phonics and that's how he was introduced to the letter sounds. It was fun for him to play all the games provided and mark his progress on the poster.

I ought to mention that I really appreciate Jessie Wise's information in the parent's sections of An Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, it inspired a great confidence in my abilities and intuition regarding my son's reading.
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