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Default Re: I'm Learning-can you help me? ("Time-out")

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To me, what you did is not exactly time out. You removed him from a situation in which he was harming others, and helped him to calm down until he could return and play nicely. I think you did a good job!

A lot of moms here do a comfort corner, I think they are great ideas. I only don't have one because of lack of space. But the general idea is that the comfort corner is somewhere for them to go when they are overwhelmed or angry, and calm themselves. I think there is a sticky if you want to look at it and get some ideas.
We have a Comfort Couch just for this purpose. It's a little barely two seater love seat that is outside of the seating area of our living room. It's near the front window, so we can sit there together and look at birds and trees and clouds and calm down. There's a bird feeder right outside the window to draw hungry birds to watch, and I hung some prisms in the windows and sometimes I set one spinning and we watch it until it stops.

Sometimes I need it as much as my two year old!
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