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Default Our Favorite Recipe Books (please share yours!)

Please share with us what your favorite recipe books are.   

Below is a list of books compiled from a previous sticky. Thank you to everyone who has shared their favorite cookbooks so far!

laurel's kitchen  ( a vegetarian whole foods cookbooki

laurel's kitchen bread book  ( a textbook, really, of whole grain bread baking

the bread baker's apprentice ( -- genius and beautiful

vegetarian cooking for everyone ( -- what it sounds like

the joy of cooking ( -- totally inspirational

martha stewart comfort foods ( -- completely and utterly comforting

mollie katzen's enchanted broccoli forest] ( -- really really fun and yummy, too; one member says the Greek Pizza with a phyllo dough crust is really good

The More with Less Cookbook - a great Mennonite cookbook with basic recipes & suggestions for how to live gently on the earth; recommended by another member, too, who says that it makes her think about what she eats and how she eats it

Any cookbook by Anne Lindsay, who writes Heart Smart/Low Cholesterol cookbooks

70's (?) Canakdian Five Roses cookbook, good especially for baking

How to Eat-Nigella Lawson

The Asian Cookbook by Chairmaine Solomon

The Fruit book and the Vegetable book by Jane Grigson

French Provincial Cooking and French Country Cooking by Elizabeth David

Middle Eastern Food by Claudia Roden

Church fundraiser spiral cookbooks - easy meals with a huge variety of items to try; can be found at yard sales

Ina Garten's (Barefoot Contessa) cookbooks are some of my favorite, especially Barefoot Contessa Family Style. 

Rachael Ray's cookbooks

Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon

Sue Gregg's cookbook's - comprehensive, healthy, and wonderful.

"Taste of Home"  magazines

30-Minute Meals by Rachel Ray

"Eat tThis It Will Make You Feel Better" by Dom DeLuise

"The Brooklyn Cookbook" by Lynn Stallworth

LLL cookbook, Whole Foods for the Whole Family

Betty Crocker Good and Easy Cookbook - can adapt meal ideas to make it healthier

Feeding the Whole Family, by Cynthia Lair - one member really recommends the muffin recipes

Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals 2 (it has recipes more our style than the original 30 min. meals).

Lorna Sass' Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure ( (though we are not vegetarians, and her books usually have dairy substitutes, as well)

Lorna Sass' Short-Cut Vegetarian: Great Taste in No Time (

Betty Crocker Cookbook ( can make slight modifications to make recipes dairy-free and to avoid trans-fats.

The Australian Breastfeeding Associations Red Cook Book

Saving Dinner by Leanne Ely  - a member shares that she also has a website that will give you a whole week of recipes (with serving suggestions) and A SHOPPING list so that you can get everything at the store in one trip. She says her husband is "really impressed with it [the cookbook] and he's a PICKY eater."

The Land O' Lakes Treasury of Country Recipes

The Joy of Cooking. 

Recipes for a Small Planet

Rachael Ray's No Repeats - has easy recipes that are freash and full of flavor

Amish Cooking by Amish Women Committee

Stephanie Alexander's The Cook's Companion - Australian cookbook with metric weights and measures 

Immunity Foods For Healthy Kids by,  Lucy Burney - It's really for the whole family; it contains natural recipes for treating everyday illnesses like colds and hayfever, as well as bigger things like chicken pox, celiac, and cancer

Italy, The Beautiful Cookbook by, Lorenza De'Medici 

A Harvest of Healing Foods by,  Christine McFadden and Kathleen Zelman

Your Organic Kitchen by, Jesse Ziff Cool and Lisa Koenig  - this book "goes through each season and the foods that grow in that season so you know when you are grocery shopping that something had 'help' to grow since it's out of season.  And then has recipes for each season and the foods that grow then."

The Makers Diet by, Jordan Rubin "biblical diet book" "It's mainly for the reading, but at the back it has recipes and I have used them, but several actually come from Nourishing Traditions."

The Smart Diet by, Kristi Fuller and Better Homes and Gardens - a member shares that it's not a very organic/natural friendly cookbook but that it has alot of simple and good recipes in it that can be tweaked to make natural.

Marcella Hazan's Essentials of Italian Cooking- Good simple Italian

The Lutece Cookbook- Alsace-Lorraine region of France. Good simple recipes.

The Fannie Farmer Cookbook  (Is anyone else here old enough to know what this is?  I think there may be modernized ones out now . . . but I like my mother's old one.  Some of the recepies are outdated ("look for marbled meats," etc) but it's a really good basic simple home-cooking cookbook.) Another member says, "We are on our second copy of this one now. The first one was used so much it fell to pieces! This is a good bridal shower gift for a young couple without a lot of kitchen experience."

I think every home should have The Joy of Cooking.  My other staple cookbook is the Better Homes and Gardens book.

Le Cordon Bleu cookbook-- for baking--the shortbread recipe is stupendous.

Fix it and Forget it--crock pot recipes.  Some good, some not.

Desperation Dinners--extremely helpful for weeks I'm desperate (ha) to plan.

Cooking with Five Ingredients, but the only thing I ever make out of it is the cream biscuit recipe.

The Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book

ALL of the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks (Ina Garten is the author)

The Settlement Cookbook for good old-fashioned recipes

Gluten Free Gourmet books
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