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Originally Posted by Soliloquy View Post
I threw out my Santevia within months of buying it, too. I followed the directions EXACTLY and mildew grew in it.

We are absolutely IN LOVE with our Berkey. Just in love. When we first moved out here, the house we rented had very rusty, acidic well water. The pH was 5.0!!! And it tasted bad. We ran it through the Berkey. Came out clear and delicious with a pH of 7.5. [emoji813]s We are in a different house, now, with much better well water but we still run it through our Berkey.

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And a Berkey is an excellent way to be prepared. You can put non-potable water in a Berkey (i.e pond or river water) and it will come out purified and drinkable. The filters last about 5 years, too.
That is great news. We have a Berkey but we bought it for emergency use. So, you are saying that just by running the acid water through the Berkey, it raised the pH significantly? How did you test it? Just with pH testing strips?
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