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Default Re: pressure cookers! 2013/2014

Joining this new thread from the old one from 2011.

I love to talk about PCing! I've had mine about 10 years and use it a lot, especially this time of year.

It beats the heck out of using a crock pot!

I have some favorite things I make in mine and a couple of cookbooks I like a lot (and believe it or not, I don't own any by Lorna Sass, who is sort of the queen of PCing).

So many people say they are afraid of PCs, but that's because in our grandmothers' days, they would sometimes blow up in the kitchen. The newer PCs have safety valves that prevent that from happening.

So, here's my shameful admission about my PC, though. Ready? I don't use it to can. Because I'm afraid to can. My PC CAN can (it can do the can-can!), but I'm seriously afraid of glass jars and seals and water baths and all that jazz. So, in that respect, I am a bit of a PC failure. Maybe someday...
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