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Default Re: 5 year old stays awake

Iím so sorry. Youíve got a lot going on. So many have mentioned autism as a possibility, but you also mentioned ADHD. I would definitely get a physical from your pediatrician and also ask for a referral to a child psychologist. Some psychologists specialize in testing for ADHD and learning disabilities. They could also evaluate him for anxiety and OCD. Iím not sure what kind of resources you have where you live, but I think you need some professional help. At the very least, youíll have some insight into what is causing these issues.

We had my now 8-year old daughter tested for ADHD about a year ago, and my suspicions were confirmed - she has it. We were referred by the psychologist to an occupational therapist and that evaluation revealed that she also needs OT. Someone mentioned above about the possibility of him being stuck in the fight or flight mode and thatís one of the issues my daughter has. We are finally in the process of getting her on ADHD medication as well as getting the OT she needs. The delay was due to me procrastinating, for several reasons. I know that not everyone will feel this way with a diagnosis, but just knowing that there were legitimate medical/physiological reasons behind some of her issues was such a relief to me.

If side effects of his breathing treatments could be causing his behaviors, or contributing to them, I would guess there may be different medications that treat the same condition. Do you see a pulmonologist? My niece had to have breathing treatments a few times as a toddler and if the doc put her on Prednisone, it totally changed her personality while she was taking it.

Also, a lot of counselors will see patients on a sliding scale, meaning they will work with you to set a fee within your budget. If your family income is under a certain amount, maybe you could qualify for your stateís (assuming youíre in the US) childrenís Medicaid program. Iím sorry youíre going through this. I pray you can get the help you all need.

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