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Default Re: Pets, Kids and Families

Excellent point!
My parents gave me 2 pet mice when I was 12.....don't worry...they were furry black/white adorable pet mice. And I LOVED them, but apparently they were male and female which somehow the store goofed up on and we found out when one mouse starting swelling at the waistline
A few weeks later 10 baby mice were born.
Well the big glass cage had a lousy lid and my cat figured it out, while I was in school she jumped in and killed some of the babies.

Worst than that in their mouse family tree they'd been lab mice and injected with Ovarian cancer. One by one all my females died horrible slow deaths from it.

At age 12 I just wasn't ready for the grief and guilt with all of that.
My parents didn't care, I was left to bury the babies and the ones dead of cancer an all.

I STILL suffer from nightmares bout it to this day!!
30yr old sahm mom of 3 sweethearts, dd1 age 10, dd2 age 6, ds age 4 and TTCing for even more!! YIKES lol
Married since 3-29-03 not the perfect marriage but it has improved a lot and come far, a work in progress, your prayers and patient gentle friendship are much appreciated. <3
Also a proud mom to 3 furbabies. Jasmine cat age 6, and twins Clawdia and Tennie kittens born May '10
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