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Default Re: Getting Started With Cloth Diapering - A Tutorial in Words and Pictures

Pictoral Tutorial of Different Types of Diapers:

Here are some examples in photographs of the different types of diapers. This is not meant as an endorsement of any particular brand of diaper, just examples to demonstrate the difference between them.

Prefold diapers:

Prefold diaper fastened with a snappi

Prefold diaper fastened with snappi and covered with a bummis super whisper wrap (bsww)

Prefold diaper fastened with pins

Fitted diapers:

Kissaluv fitted diaper

Dream-eze fitted diapers

Motherease one-size fitted diaper

Motherease one-size fitted diaper with snap-in soaker

Fitteds with Covers:

Motherease Sandy's with an Imse Vimse nighttime cover

Motherease one-size fitted diaper in a motherease airflow cover

PUL Covers:

Wigglewormsbottom cover, hidden PUL (PUL placed between other non-waterproof material)

Bummis Super Whisper Wraps (BSWW)

Wool Covers:

Loveybums wool cover

Crocheted wool soaker

Recycled wool shorties

Knitted shorties

Crocheted shorties/capris

Recycled wool longies

Knitted wool longies

All-in-one Diapers:

Little Lambs AIO

Bumkins AIO

Baby Blossoms Design AIO

Pocket diapers:

BumGenius one-size pocket diaper version 1.0

Haute Pocket One size

Drybees Pocket

My Precious Baby by April Pocket

Examples of pocket inserts:

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