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I'd like to plant some fruit trees, and I have loads of questions! We live in Colorado, zone 5, on a smallish lot with soil that drains well. I'm thinking of dwarf or semi-dwarf apples in the front (Honeycrisp + Gravenstein or Jonathan), and two more dwarf trees (peach? plum?) in the back. We already have a young plum tree, but it doesn't have a pollinator (it's supposed to be self-pollenating) and has never produced any fruit.

What should I know about planting and maintaining them? It seems like just putting them in the ground, but I'm sure I'm missing something. Do I amend the soil around the holes? Do I need a certain kind of sun exposure? Is it weird to put fruit trees in the front yard, on a lawn? We live right in the city, so I want to make use of every bit of space.

Also, there's an area in the backyard with trees planted along a fence, and two of them are ugly and sending shoots all over the yard. I'd love to take them out and replace them with fruit too, but is that just inviting squirrels to stroll over and eat it all?

I'm at the remedial level with this, so any ideas or advice--no matter how basic--would be wonderful!
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