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Default Re: Going and Staying Veg with Allergies/Intolerances/Celiacs


we've only had skin testing for select items so far. That is a saga in itself. Our allergist really resists testing him for "just anything" and for the life of me I don't understand why. He seems to want to wait until Caleb reacts and THEN test to confirm it.

I'm DONE with that approach.. I'm ticked.. I was so enraged the last time he had a reaction, b/c I suspect it was to something that I had specifically asked him to test for, and instead he sent me home to experiment.

He can be a little overbearing in a friendly way so I'm planning to go without taking all 3 kids (b/c that's always so distracting), have my say before he interupts me, and present him with a (long) list of things I expect him to test for this time. I need a working list of foods that dh is *not* allergic to... I realize I will still have to sort out the sensitivities by trial and error, but I'm tired of being sideswiped by huge reactions to new foods when we could have *easily* tested for them and known they were dangerous. I will also discuss blood testing, b/c that might be easier on ds than getting 50 skin pricks. :/

I have looked into finding a different doctor, but EVERY allergist that my insurance will cover is part of the same group, and I suspect they will function along a similar SOP. This is his last chance, though... (Monday) I will switch doctors, even if it's to someone in the same group, if I am not satisfied with the way this next visit goes.

((Navae )))

I'm so sorry! Take a deep breath... you can do this (do you need a paper bag?) I felt like that when they told us ds was allergic to wheat AND rice AND soy.

You've still got potato starch, arrowroot, xanthum gum, and tons of different choices for flours... We will all help each other figure this out.

(I have a recipe for mini brownies that I think would be safe for you... chocolate makes everything seem more manageable!)

I sub'd several ingredients and they still turned out yummy!
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