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Default Re: this board never gets used

I love my PC! I didn't realize this forum was here!

I do lots of good stuff in my PC, and I've just ordered my second PC (I have a 7L, and am ordering a smaller one). I have a couple of good PC cookbooks that have oriented me to my PC since getting it as a gift a few years ago.

Here are the books I have:

The Best Pressure Cooker Cookbook Ever, by Pat Dailey
The Pressure Cooker Cookbook, by Toula Patsalis

PCs are made much safer that they used to be. I have a Kuhn Rikon and it has a dual safety system which makes it impossible to open without taking down the pressure first. No more kitchen explosions (I've heard rumors of that happening in my grandmother's day!).

People often mistake a PC for just another substitute for a crock pot. NOT TRUE! A crock pot cooks the living daylights out of everything (and somehow, regardless of the ingredients, everything from a crockpot seems to come out the same consistency -- yuck!). A PC allows food to retain many of it's nutrients (unlike a crock pot) and food tastes exciting, as if it had been simmering all day long!!!! I can't say enough about my PC.
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