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Default Menu Ideas

Please share your menu ideas here. If you can, please list a complete meal (the main dish and what you normally serve with it).

For any of the menu ideas you post, if you have posted the recipe on GCM or there is a recipe that you use that is elsewhere online, it's be great if you would include a link to the recipe.

After you post your meal ideas, they will be added to the running list, and your post will be deleted. TIA for sharing!


Carrot Sticks

Almond Chicken (super yummy)
Buttered Rice

Grilled Chicken Salad
Poppyseed-Yogurt Dressing
Honey-Mustard Dressing

New Orleans Style Red Beans and Rice (Andoulle or Kielbasa Sausage Optional)
French Bread and Butter

Cuban Black Beans (Cooked with Bacon, Optional)

Pinto Beans (Cooked with Bacon, Optional)
Served with Cornbread or Tortillas

Substitute Black Beans for Ground Beef
Or add beans to sauteed ground beef and mix together (can also substitute Veggie Ground or rehydrated and flavored TVP in place of meat)

Southwest Casserole
Combine roughly equal parts of beans, rice, canned corn, and canned tomatoes (with peppers is best.) Heat and serve. Melting cheese on top is optional.

Split-Pea Soup (With ham, optional)
Served with hot rolls and butter

Tuna Casserole (with all fresh ingredients, only the tuna was canned-as in Joy of Cooking)
Mixed Vegetables
Steamed Broccoli with butter and salt and lemon pepper
Watermelon balls

Blackened Catfish fillets
Homemade from scratch Jalapeņo Cornbread
Fresh squeezed Lemonade
Smothered Okra

Lemon chicken
tri-colored spring pasta

Breakfast: lemon poppyseed muffins (I made a bunch and froze them)
eggs (scrambled)
Eggs scrambled with potatoes, tomatoes, onions, green onions, garlic, and red and green bell peppers, cheddar cheese

baked beans
broccoli salad

lemon-baked fish
asparagus roasted baby
red potatoes

crab cakes
cole slaw

cheese enchiladas
refried beans
raw veggies

beef, chicken, or turkey stroganoff over egg noodles
steamed mixed veggies

pulled pork or brisket sandwiches
cole slaw
baked beans

sub sandwiches (hot or cold)
baked chips
raw veggies

chicken caesar salad

Main Dish Ideas

Thai noodles with tofu and peanut sauce
tuna casserole
texas hots (hot dogs w/hot sauce)
english muffin pizza
kielbasa w/ honey
minestrone soup
tuna melts
grilled cheese w/ ham
tomato soup
sloppy joe
hungarian goulash
italian goulash
stuffed peppers
swedish meatballs
meatball subs
beefy mac and cheese
chicken breasts-bbq, oven roasted,
chicken tenders
swiss style chicken breast
chicken pot pie
fried chicken
roasted chicken
chicken cacciatore
chicken alfredo stir fry
chicken fried rice
sausages w/ onions and peppers
pork stuffed bread
pork chops
ham and elbows
pork roast
chili dogs
soup and grilled cheese sandwiches - tomato soup is good with grilled cheese
Beef enchiladas
Lasagne rolls
Perogies and sausage
Cream cheese crock pot Chicken
bbq crock pot chicken
Turkey enchiladas with beans and rice
Potato soup with homemade biscuits
Ranch potatos and sausage
Cream Cheese Crock Pot Chicken
Fetuccine Alfredo
Roasted Chicken in the Crock pot
Red beans and rice
Sweet potato burritos
Chicken casserole
Fish and veggies
Pizza - homemade dough, toppings of your choice such as turkey sausage, pineapple, black olives, pepperoni, mushrooms, green (or red/yellow/orange) peppers, grated carrots
Beef stew
Tuna or Chicken Pitas
Mac 'n' Cheese - For extra protein, add some chopped ham, drained tuna (Tuna Mac), hamburger (Beefy Mac), taco meat (Chili Mac), or crumbled drained cooked bacon plus hamburger (Bacon Burger Mac)
Chicken Soup - Make with plenty of meat or with rich egg noodles for a hearty meal
Stromboli sands
falafel using the Fantastic brand that you rehydrate and fry in EVOO with some type of dressing such as Nancy's whole youghurt, Green youghurt, Trader Joes Tzatiki (contains gelatin) or (cheesy website, the stuff is non-dairy and so awesome, makes a great salad dressing).

Side Dishes

potatoes (boiled, smashed, seasoned and roasted, baked)
rice - try different varieties such as brown jasmine rice, brown basmati rice, short-grained or long-grained rice, wild rice, white rice, etc.
egg noodles
steamed, boiled, or raw veggies
potato salad
pasta salad
baked beans
mac n cheese
mozzerella sticks
onion rings
green bean casserole
broccoli casserole
cole slaw
Green Salad - for extra protein top the salad with sunflower or pumpkin seeds or some chopped hard-cooked eggs or rehydrated and flavored TVP
Whole-Wheat Bread
Seasoned Stewed Tomatoes
Apple Slices
Fruit salad
greek flatbread or Trader Joes spinach pizzas (they are like Armenian pizzas)
Green salad
tomato slices
cucumber slices
Red onion slices
hard boiled or deviled eggs
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