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Default Re: What are some of your reasons to HS?

We home school for many reasons.

Both my Hubby and I were board in school and got in trouble a lot. I was lucky to have a mom who was able to let me do independent study starting in Jr. High. I did this off and on (private Christian school and 1 semester of public high school) until I graduated early from High school. My hubby was not so lucky and never did well in school.

So when we talked about schooling our kids we knew we wanted to be in control of what they learned and how much time they spent sitting still and doing school work. Our oldest son is very out going and artistic. He easily gets distracted. We didn't want him to be in trouble all the time and be labeled.

We also liked the idea of getting to spend the time with our kids. Learning about their passions and being there when they discovered the world. Not hearing about it after a long day and lots of home work.

I read a wonderful book about HS when we were first talking about it I think it was called Homespun Schools. I was really surprised to hear that most kids aren't ready for traditional sit down book learning at 5. When they're supposed to start school. He had lots of stories of families that did hands on things like field trips, and working around the house. Planting gardens and helping in the kitchen. Until the kids were closer to eight and they were at the same grade level as other "schooled" kids their age and doing better in school then they were. So that inspired me.

We're in our 2nd year of "book" learning with our oldest son and he's doing very well. I can't Imagen doing normal school.
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