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Default Re: What are some of your reasons to HS?

When our daughter was a baby, 14 years ago, I just couldn't imagine letting someone else have the privelege of being with her for most of her life. I'm so glad God worked it out so that my husband allowed us to have a "trial" of homeschooling for a few years. Life just grew up around the idea that we were a family who could rely on one another for what we needed to grow.... and we didn't need someone else to raise our daughter for us during weekdays.

Now that I'm older, I can see the hand of God throughout the process and am so thankful that the culture of our home is one that depends on the Lord to guide us. He gives us all things pertaining to LIFE and GODLINESS... what more do we need to be able to homeschool?

It's not about education, primarily, it's about being stewards of these Little Blessings by serving God and one another each day.
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