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Default Easy Main Dishes to Freeze?

Hi there. I have a one month old, and two older kiddos, and am finding meal times a bit challenging. The preparing of meals, anyway. One idea I had is that DH and/or I could do a bit of batch cooking on the weekend. Cook 4-5 meals worth of a single dish, and eat one and freeze the rest. If I did that each weekend, eventually I would have quite a variety of frozen meals that could be pulled out the night before and popped into the crock pot or oven or into a pan on the stove and heated up. It would make cooking with a new babe more simple, and less stressful.

I am wondering if you have suggestions on easy meals that freeze well. I am open to more complex meals, as long as they freeze well and are easy to cook or heat after being frozen. For example, one of my stand bys is meatloaf. I mix up a batch, put it in loaf pans, and freeze raw. Then I can pop into the oven with some potatoes, add a bagged salad, and call that dinner. It is an easy, homemade meal that requires very little prep the day of, and is much more cost effective and nutritious than eating take out or premade meals from the store.

I am looking for more ideas like that, if anyone cares to share.


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