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Default Can someone teach me how to meal plan?

It seems like it would be so obvious but I'm really struggling. So much food goes to waste in my house because my planning is really poor planning. Like I'll make something such as cheese enchiladas while the fresh veggies go to waste. Or I'll forget to take out the frozen chicken so we'll go get takeout.

I really just need to know how you do it and what things you're thinking about. I also would love to know how you're doubling up on recipes that are freezable. I really think I would save myself a lot of grief if I learned how to do something like make enchiladas but double the amount to have another meal for later.


My mother taught me absolutely nothing about taking care of a family or home. I am take out queen which would be fine if I werent buying $150 worth of groceries bi-weekly that were getting thrown out while I was eating the take out....
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