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Originally Posted by heartofjoy View Post
I've realized that I need friends who will actually BE MY FRIEND no matter what our kid-husband-church situations looks like. After having people sort of leave me behind because of changing kid and church situations, now I really focus on those friends that I perceive care about me no matter where we are in life. I have a friend with college age to 7 months! We make time for each other even when it's hard. Another friend lives far away and her kids started public school and we homeschool but we message all day every day to start in touch. We support each other through our daily ups and downs. It's great!

I don't feel like I have a group. I see groups around me and I'm not in them. I'm mostly okay with that.

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This is kind of where Iím at too. I donít really have a Groupon i fit in. I have friends I can count on but they donít crossover into a group. I never really fit. When my kids were little I was younger than most their moms of littles in our area. People my age didnít have kids. I ďfitĒ enough when my kids were elementary aged but as they became teens I was out again because I started working outside of the home and they often got together during school hours. Now I just kind of donít care about fitting. If I go out with a group of people they are fun acquaintances that range from 21-60.
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