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Vaccination Awareness *Public* We encourage you to study and learn about the pros and cons of vaccinations so you can make an informed choice.
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Default AAP Vaccine Schedule 2008

The Vaccination schedule effective in 2008:

Hep B #1

2 months
Hep B #2
DTaP #1 Diphtheria,Tetanus, Pertussis2
IPV #1 Inactivated Poliovirus
Hib #1 Haemophilus influenzae type b3
PCV #1 pneumococcal disease (Streptococcus pneumoniae)
ROTA* #1

4 months
DTaP #2
IPV #2
Hib #2
PCV #2
Hep B (If doing the PediaRix series)

6 months
DTaP #3
IPV #3
PCV # 3
Hep B #3

12 month
HIB #3 (Depending on the vaccine used and the individual doctors)
MMR #1 Measles, Mumps, Rubella
Varicella #1 Chicken Pox
Hep A #1

15-18 month
HIB #4
Polio #3
PCV #4
DTaP #4
Hep A #2

2-3 years
Influenza (yearly)
PPV (Certain high risk groups)
Hep A #3 (Certain high risk groups)
MCV4 (Meningococal Vaccine – high risks groups only)

4-6 years
Influenza (yearly)
MMR #2
IPV #4
DTaP #5
Varicella #2 (New, added as a “booster”)

11-12 years
MCV4 #1 (If not previously administered)
Tdap*** (tetanus, diphtheria toxoids and acellular petussis)
HPV (3 dose series for females****: 2nd dose administered 2 months after the first dose and the 3rd dose administered 6 months after the first.)
PPV (Certain high risks groups)
Hep A (Certain high risks groups. 2 doses 6 months apart)

13 – 18 years
MCV4 #2 (If beginning the series at age 11 – 12 years.)

*The man who developed the Rotavirus vaccine Dr. Paul Offit , also sits on the committee who decided how many doses should be given. The other board members included four people who own stock in Rotavirus.

**The flu vaccine contains 25 mcg per shot. The live vaccine contains no mercury at all and only comes in the nasal mist. It’s recommended to receive the Influenza shot yearly.

***Adolescents aged 13–18 years who missed the 11–12 year Tdap dose or received Td only are encouraged to receive 1 dose of Tdap 5 years after the last Td/DTaP dose. This is a new recommendation.

****This vaccine is currently being marketed toward females, but will be targeting boys in the near future.

I'm trying to update my blog and was hoping that someone would review what I've got listed. Please let me know if I've missed something. I'm going cross eyed trying to read the AAP fine print.
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May you always know God's love and His comfort.
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