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Default Re: Spin off: Home school vs. public school at home

Originally Posted by Leslie
Originally Posted by AttachedMamma
Something worth reading that might bring some clarification.
From that article:
"These programs are an attempt by public educators to create publicly-funded homeschooling; the only future they lead to is government-controlled homeschooling."

Am I correct that school vouchers for homeschooling would accomplish the same thing - add the element of government funding, and the government control that goes along with it?
I believe so. When I first started looking into HSing I was up in arms about "why don't we fight for some tax benefit". Then veteran homeschoolers educated me to understand that we don't want the govt involved--at all. We want to complete the least amount of paperwork and have the least amount of ties w/the govt or the funding. The more info you give them, the more they can use against you. It's not paranoia--it's protection.

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