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Nurturing our Children (AP & Multi-age Parenting Topics) *Public* A public forum.
GCM Webpage: Attachment and Natural Parenting

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Default Attachment Parenting & Natural Parenting

GCM encourages and supports a style of parenting commonly called "attachment parenting." If you agree with our parenting statement of beliefs, chances are you "do" attachment parenting, whether you use that name to describe your parenting style or not.

The essence of attachment parenting is listening to our children, listening to our mothering intincts, and responsively meeting our children's needs.

They say it's what we would do if we gave birth to our baby on a deserted island, away from the advice of well-meaning relatives and friends, away from all the wildly varying opinions in the baby books. Without the influence of culture, this is how God designed us to be. Intuitively, we feel drawn to meet our baby's need for comfort, security, connection, and closeness with such things as gentle touches, nursing, cuddles, and loving words. We want to be *there* for our baby, and we want to do what it takes to help our baby feel right.

There is not a checklist of things we must do that will make any of us more of an AP parent that the mama next to us. Attachment parenting is an approach, a style of parenting, a lifestyle. Many attachment parents sleep with their little ones and use a sling -- we affirm that having our children be an intregral part of our daily lives is crucial, but how that looks in each family will be different for certainly God created each of us to be unique with individual needs. There are various attachment tools we can choose, and there are no pat "formulas" that work with all our children. The key is responsive parenting where we and our baby listen and communicate with one another -- that will help our trust and understanding of one another (and our confidence) to grow.

The ability to listen and communicate, and the understanding and trust that grows help us know how to parent our little ones as they grow older. God has been gracious to us, and as mothers we desire to be gracious with our children, and need to give ourselves grace, too. It's not about being perfect -- as one the mamas on the board has said, we are not perfect, but we are the perfect mamas for our children. As we seek Him and His wisdom, we can trust that He will guide us and give us the tools we need to raise our children in a way that will bring glory to Him.

Dr. Sears, a Christian pediatrician and father of eight, is the man who coined the term "attachment parenting." These links on his (and his sons') website explain things better than I ever could. I encourage you to take a look!



GCM also supports informed choices. Becoming informed often leads parents to make choices outside the mainstream -- "alternative" or more "natural" parenting choices. Natural parenting is not the same thing as attachment parenting, and you can do one and not the other, but many elements are intertwined. We encourage you to search and see what natural parenting choices might be best for your family at this time, or perhaps in the future. Natural parenting includes such things as cloth diapering, avoiding mother substitutes, breastfeeding beyond a year or more, natural weaning, homebirthing, choosing not to vaccinate or delaying vaccinations, homeschooling and child-led learning, deciding against routine circumcision.

Also, please visit the GCM page about attachment and natural parenting for more information:
~ Jeri

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