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Default As you transition from one child to two...

Transitioning from one child to two quite possibly can be the most harried, traumatic, stressful, questioning time of your life. You are still a newbie to the phase of life of your firstborn child and now have a second fragile life to manage. I remember feeling like life was impossible and that someone needed to come take these children because I had no idea what was going on, who I was as an individual, or what needed to be done to keep everyone happy and moving forward in life.

This transition is magnified if you add #2 within 2.5-3 years as you haven't had enough time to really develop as a mother and you are trying to find your footing and figure out what happened to your sweet 1st born who is now a whirling dervish of tears and tantrums AND nourish the body and spirit of the new babe AND still keep the house from being showcased on some sort of hoarding biopic AND still be attractive and pleasing to your hubby and...wait...isn't there something I keep forgetting...oh pooping and showering!!! Really, this phase of life is stressful.

I want to encourage you, New Mamas of 2 Little Ones, that you WILL survive this phase and so will your children. Yes, it is inordinately difficult and unpleasant. Yes, you will field criticisms from various venues but please tune them out. Your oldest probably will be wild and unruly for a little while because he/she is struggling how to function in this new life, too. He/she is very young and many of his/her age-appropriate behavior will be magnified and feel very overwhelming. Stay calm, have grace, breathe deeply, cry if you need, vent if you need, but know that you and your firstborn will grow past this.

Have grace with yourself. Let things slide like dinner from scratch, cloth diapers (if you need the laundry and poop break), your ladies' Bible study, taking dinner to families at church, even big family gatherings (which can be a breeding ground of heartless, thoughtless criticism). Let your family grow at their own pace and not at the pace of what your mom/dad/pastor/friend/co-worker/etc. thinks is "normal" or best. Hide yourself away, if you need. Protect your heart and your family from outside stress. It is okay to disappear for a while.

You have our full support here. We are with you every step and are praying for God's blessings in your family and are excited to see God develop love, grace, and intimacy in your lives. Take heart!!!!

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