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Unprepared for Parenting (Ezzos, Pearls, Etc.) *Public* Support and information for those affected by the Ezzos, the Pearls, and other punitive and adversarial methods of child-rearing.
A public forum.
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23. No posts harshly dissecting parenting moments of others since we desire to humbly cultivate a heart attitude of grace and not judgment towards other mamas. We all struggle at times as parents and have much to learn, and GCM's focus is to provide tools and information for each of us to parent more effectively. Posts voicing some frustration regarding choices made by others can be okay, but it needs to be within the overall context of seeking understanding or ideas for better responses in the future.

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Default My daughter's last day at the bookstore....

My dd19 got a new, better paying job and is leaving the book store where she worked the last year and a half. So today was her last day. She answers the phone and the customer asks her to look up a book for him. No her the title and's Ezzo.

So she says she stands there looking at it on the computer for a minute and then goes back to the phone. According to her it goes something like this:
  • dd: 'I'm sorry to make you wait. We do have the book....but I can't say I recommend it'
  • customer: 'Really?'
  • dd: 'Yes sir. My mother has been talking about this guy my whole life and he is really not good news.'
  • customer: 'oh. Someone recommended it to us.'
  • dd: 'well, even his own children don't have anything to do with him. Parenting decisions are personal and you can decide for youself...we do have it in store.....but I don't recommend it.'
  • customer: 'ok....thanks'

So ... like mother like daughter. I really liked the 'parenting decisions are personal and you can decide for yourself' bit from my 19yo.

I'm fairly sure when her sister worked there, she hide the Ezzo books.

"Truth without love is divisive and hurtful & love without truth is anemic"--Pastor Estep

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