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flowermama 06-08-2014 03:37 PM

Rules for Signature Lines
These have not been changed. I'm just dividing the Posting Guidelines and Rules sticky into three different threads.

Rules for Signature Lines

1. You may put emoticons in your signature line.

2. You may put up to three small blinkies in your signature line (choose blinkies no bigger than approximately 150 width and 24 height).

3. You may put one ticker or Counter Box™ or TwitSig in your signature line. "Ticker pictures" (images attached to tickers) are allowed.

4. You may add a graphic of your name -- no bigger than 150 pixels wide x 45 pixels high -- in your signature line.

5. Please do not put any other graphics in your signature line besides those mentioned above.

6. You may put a link (text only—not using a graphic) to your website, including personal WAHM websites, in your signature line, but we ask that you not put partnered revenue-linked sites in your signature line. We reserve the right to remove or ask you to remove it if it is a link to a site that promotes things which are against our statement of beliefs.

See the Signature FAQ for more information about signature lines.

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