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flowermama 05-08-2007 01:08 PM
If you are looking for a pet or need to find a animal shelter or animal rescue group in your area, this is a great website to visit:

SouthPaw 05-08-2007 01:11 PM


CindiAnne 04-26-2008 07:30 AM

I also recommend that site! It helped us find our kitten, Zoe last year at a shelter!

This Busy Mom 06-10-2008 06:37 PM

This is the only way I get a dog anymore. I have 2 petfinder dogs :rockon

Anna and Lulu 09-26-2008 07:48 PM

We got our puppy from petfinder, as well. We LOVE her!

StumblinMama 09-26-2008 07:54 PM

We found one of our dachshunds at Petfinder! It's a great site :rockon

hey mommy 09-26-2008 08:35 PM

That's how we got our furbaby...

:typehi :badhair :monster :hiding :jump2 :timeflies :usa2 :ha :oopsy :zz :turkey :poke :hey :question :bb2 :babyborn :cosleep :cosleep2 :sling :artist :hearts

C picked all of those....

november 04-02-2009 09:44 PM

That's where I found my sweet little Rio! :0)

LovinBeingMommy 12-14-2010 08:36 PM

I love that site. :) I know a lady who uses them to find homes for her rescue dogs. I highly recommend her dogs for people in the NE/IA area. :) They get pretty spoiled by her grandkids so their well socialized and good with little ones. We got our newest dog through her.

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