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Default Re: Share your Vegetarian or Vegan Testimony Here!

I went vegetarian when I was 13 for ethical and spiritual reasons. I just always knew in my heart that God did not want me to eat meat. At 20, when I got together with my husband he had been vegan for over a decade (he was raised vegetarian). That made it so much easier for me to be vegan. Knowing all I know, I could never not be vegan now. I have been vegan for 11 years, and I mean really vegan, my whole lifestyle, not just my diet. Yes, anyone interested please read Dominion by Matthew Scully. It is an amazing book. There is so much out there to educate you. I feel good that I am vegan because I know I am doing what I can to foster compassion in this world. It is life changing to know that every decision you make saves a fellow being in this world from suffering and death. I will be proud to raise my child as vegan, following a spiritual path.

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