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Default Re: Share your Vegetarian or Vegan Testimony Here!

I was vegetarian as a teen, but then went back to old ways mostly because there were many a day in my young adulthood that we were just thankful to have anything to eat no matter what it was. Ive been vegetarian again now for over 2 years. Ive been really amazed by how much better I feel in general, and Ive made many other changes as well. My DH is not on board at all when it comes to no meat. But he has taken to organic gardening like a pro! We use soap nuts in all our laundry and he tells people about them all the time. He is slowly easing into a more healthy lifestyle, but I doubt he will ever go completely veg. But at least he is eating and living healthier!

My family is completely understanding when I do not eat meat at their houses, but my DH's family acts as though they are offended. My MIL always has to say something to put me down about it too I never say anything I just do not put it on my plate. Ahh well. I like the ideas of bringing salads and other foods to a dinner. I will do that next time
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