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Default Posting Guidelines and Rules

The Gentle Christian Mothers (GCM) message board is for all mothers-to-be, mothers, and grandmothers. It's a wonderful place of encouragement, and we invite you to come and be part of it! We welcome those who are new to the board with open arms.

Before you begin posting, please read our Statement of Beliefs so you can get a feel for what we believe. One of the primary focuses of our board is to provide a safe haven for like-minded mothers, and we stand confidently firm in our support of these beliefs. As such, please do not post things to the board that are purposefully or argumentatively contrary to our statement of beliefs.

You are still very welcome to join the GCM community even if you don't agree with all the points in the GCM statement of beliefs. We'd love to get to know you and to encourage you as we seek together to grow in gentleness and love for our children, our husbands, and, most importantly, our Lord.

To those who are reading this prior to filling out your application to join the GCM community: Please note that lying on your application will be grounds for immediate banning.

Before posting, please also take the time to read our Netiquette Guide.

Specific Rules

Beyond the broad rule of not posting things which are against the GCM Statement of Beliefs, here are some specifics.

Things Not to Post

1. No posts promoting or supportive of punishments, including spanking and traditional timeouts, or other punitive ideas.

2. No posts promoting or supportive of crying it out (CIO). CIO is when children are left unattended to cry themselves to sleep. We do not support leaving a baby to cry alone. Neither formal nor informal methods of CIO are endorsed here.

3. No profanity, obscenity, or using abbreviations or typographical symbols to represent either specific or nonspecific swear words. These will be edited out or censored.

4. No commercial postings, except for in the WAHM's Items and Announcements forum, and no spam. Such postings will be deleted, including links to websites that pay you for directing people to their site. A text link to your website in your signature line is fine.

5. No posting duplicate posts or threads directing others to a thread you started in another forum (no cross-posting). Duplicate posts will be merged, or one of them will be removed, as appropriate.

6. No posting copyrighted materials to the board—brief excerpts allowed, except do not post posts from other message boards, from mailing lists, from blogs, or from Facebook pages (see our copyright policy).

7. No soliciting copies of copyrighted videos/DVDs or other media.

8. No posting in support of alcoholism, drug abuse, or illegal drug use. Posts may be removed or discussions closed if they appear to support illegal substances or the abuse of alcohol or legal drugs in any way.

9. Because Jesus equated lusting in our hearts with adultery, all posts and threads that go down the path of giving undue attention to anyone other than your husband (including, but not limited to, celebrities) will be removed.

Treatment of Other Members

10. No name-calling, fighting with, flaming, or harassing other members. No name-calling family members, past or present. No trolling.

11. No handing of personal disagreements on the message board. If you feel offended or hurt after reading a post, pause, breathe, and pray. If you decide to respond, assume the best and seek clarification. If you want to work through the issue with that member and discuss it more fully, in order to avoid causing unnecessary board drama or shaming her, and to keep the thread on track, gently and prayerfully contact her privately. If unable to find peace with each other, an admin of your choice can assist with communication. If during private exchange either of you feel intimidated, scared, or harassed, contact an admin or report the other person's PM.

12. No posts to the board debating or venting disagreement with GCM policy. Posts seeking clarification and dialogue about policy are welcome, or you may contact an admin to discuss your disagreement with policy. If you need to discuss a personal disagreement about actions taken by admins and mods, you are welcome to discuss that directly with them, but not on the board.

13. To help other members feel welcome to respond in threads, avoid putting a member's name in your subject line when seeking feedback from that member. Instead consider sending her a personal message (PM) letting her know you would value her response.

14. No using GCM to promote personal crusades or preoccupations (aka single-issue preaching). We're not here to help you pursue specific agendas or win converts.

Privacy and Safety

15. No letting anyone else, including your husband, read or post to the board with your account or use your account for any reason.

16. No posting personal addresses or phone numbers to the board.

17. No posting photographs of your children in public forums.

18. No posting regarding anything that requires exchange of addresses between members including but not limited to requests for pen pals or to items for sale, swap, or free. Items can be offered for sale or for free or swapped or purchased only in the Swap n' Shop forums.

19. No copying/pasting any thread or part thereof from our board to anywhere off our board. Do not discuss posts or threads with anyone who does not have access to the forum where they are posted. Note: Ideas and concepts learned here may be discussed. (See Expectations of Privacy on GCM.)

20. No posts on the board or via PM requesting donations of any sort. Giving on a personal level from one member to another is appropriate only as long as you realize the responsibility is wholly yours and GCM holds no liability.

Links to donation causes may be posted only under the following conditions:
1) with prior admin approval
2) without exhortations to donate

21. No using the PM system to solicit clients or customers: this means you may not approach or make first contact with people to offer your services or products via PM. Conversely, if you contact another member and choose to engage them professionally, you do so on your own authority, and GCM holds no liability in the outcome.

22. No sharing personal messages (PM's) without the author's permission unless you need to report or discuss one with the admins for possible violation of board guidelines.

In Regards to Other Websites and People Not on GCM

23. No hotlinking, which is displaying an image on our message board by linking to that image on another website; each time the image shows up here, it steals bandwidth from the other website. The exception to this would be if that website gives you the code to do so, in which case, they have given you permission.

24. No posting live links to sites that violate our statement of parenting beliefs. Posting live links to all other sites (that are appropriate to be linked-to on GCM), including those that violate our statement of faith, is acceptable.

25. Out of respect for other online communities and to stay true to the purpose of GCM, no linking to other message boards or encouraging GCM members to participate in debates or controversial discussions elsewhere online, including blogs and social networking sites (such as Facebook).

26. No posts harshly dissecting parenting moments of others seen or heard about either in real life or online since we desire to humbly cultivate a heart attitude of grace and not judgment towards other mamas. We all struggle at times as parents and have much to learn, and GCM's focus is to provide tools and information for each of us to parent more effectively. Posts voicing some frustration regarding choices made by others can be okay, but it needs to be within the overall context of seeking understanding or ideas for better responses in the future.


27. Do your best to start threads in the forum that best matches the topic of your thread: for example, post about food prep in The Cookbook forum. If a mod or admin feels a different forum would be a better fit, she will move your thread, leaving a redirection topic in the original forum so you can easily find it.

28. If you decide to leave GCM, you may post a "good-bye" thread or deactivation request in the Official Deactivations and Breaks forum or PM an admin. Every effort will be made to deactivate your account within 24 hours. Contact the admins if you are interested in returning. See our Deactivation Policies for more information.

29. Discussions outside of the GCM Statement of Beliefs should not be carried out via GCM's PM system, and please do not solicit emails on topics that contradict the Statement of Beliefs.

30. The final determination for any rule will be made by the administration. The board owner reserves the right to lock or remove any post or thread for any reason she considers necessary.

Please keep in mind these standards when posting:
"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest,
whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things
are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue,
and if there be any praise, think on these things." ~ Phil 4:8

Also see Policy for Posting Copyrighted Materials to the Board and Rules for Signature Lines.
~ Jeri

Vegan mom to my vegan kiddos DD1 (24), DS1 (21), DD2 (18), and DS2 (15)
And wife to my gentle DH for 26 years and counting

Instagram: gentleveganrunner

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