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VERVAIN- Positive qualities: Ability to practice moderation, tolerance, and balance; “the middle way;” passionate and embodied idealism
Patterns of imbalance: Overbearing or insistent behavior regarding one's beliefs; intensity bordering on fanaticism; nervous exhaustion from over-striving
VINE- Positive qualities: Selfless service, recognition of the individuality of others; inner authority derived from connection to higher spiritual identity
Patterns of imbalance: Domineering, tyrannical, forcing one's will on others; need to subjugate others in order to gain ego strength
VIOLET-Positive qualities: Delicate, highly perceptive sensitivity, elevated spiritual perspective; socially responsive but self-contained
Patterns of imbalance: Profound shyness, cool and aloof, fear of being submerged in groups
WALNUT-Positive qualities: Freedom from limiting influences, making healthy transitions in life, inner strength to follow one's own path and destiny
Patterns of imbalance: Overly influenced by the social expectations or values of family or community, past experiences or beliefs that inhibit the soul's evolution
WATER VIOLET- Positive qualities: Dignity and inner composure balanced with social connections to others; ability to share one's gifts with others.
Patterns of imbalance: Aloof, withdrawn, disdainful of "lower" relationships; making distinctions based on class, race or social status that insure separation from others; false pride.
WILD OAT-Positive qualities: Work as an expression of inner calling; manifestation of one's true goals and values; work experiences motivated by a clear life purpose and conviction.
Patterns of imbalance: Confusion and indecision about life direction; trying many activities but chronically dissatisfied or restless, lack of commitment or focus; work for survival rather than service.
WILLOW- Positive qualities: Acceptance, forgiveness, taking responsibility for one's life situation, adaptable to changing fortunes and circumstances
Patterns of imbalance: Feeling resentful, inflexible or rigid emotional memories which turn to bitterness; tendency to blame others or see oneself as the victim
WHITE CHESTNUT-Positive qualities: Tranquil disposition, spacious mental state that transcends personal or petty thoughts
Patterns of imbalance: Worry-bound repetitive thoughts, chattering mind; restless and agitated mental condition; insomnia
WILD ROSE-Positive qualities: Will to live, joy and commitment to life despite trials or pain
Patterns of imbalance: Resignation or apathy; inability to embrace life; pain or suffering that paralyzes body and soul; lingering illness which does not resolve itself
YARROW-Positive qualities: Luminous and strong auric field, compassionate and inclusive sensitivity, refined and flexible psychic forces
Patterns of imbalance: Extreme vulnerability to others and to the environment; easily depleted, overly absorbent of negative influences, psychic toxicity
YELLOW STAR TULIP- Positive qualities: Empathetic receptivity to the feelings and experiences of others; compassionate response based upon social awareness
Patterns of imbalance: Insensitivity to the sufferings of others; lack of perception for the consequences of one's actions on others
YERBA SANTA-Positive qualities: Free-flowing emotion, ability to harmonize breathing with feeling; capacity to express a full range of human emotions, especially pain and sadness; positive melancholy and soul depth
Patterns of imbalance: Constricted feelings, particularly in the heart and lungs; internalized grief and melancholy, deeply repressed emotion
ZINNIA- Positive qualities: Childlike playfulness and curiosity, detached perspective on Self, sense of humor.
Patterns of imbalance: Over-serious and dull, lack of spontaneity or humor; overly somber self-identity; workaholic tendencies.

it means when brought into balance, these effect would be produced. the negative qualities is what it looks like out of balance.

here is a great example of how the right remedy can make all the difference. i have used aspen and mimulus for c for years with some positive effect but not nearly what i would hope. one day in the home improvement store he dropped a paint can. later i asked if he was embarrassed, thinking this would be a good opportunity to clarify what embarrassed means because he uses that word not appropriately. he said "no, i wasn't embarrassed, i thought they would kill me. but also Green rose= fear of annihilation. HUGE difference in anxiety when I started using that for him.
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