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Default Please post recipe directions in your own words (basic rule about copyright)

You are very much encouraged to share your recipes here with us. We'd love to see them! We just ask that the following basic guideline be followed:

Since, ss I understand it, a list of ingredients is not copyrighted, but the directions may be, (depending on if they are creative or not), when you post recipes that you got from a book or elsewhere, please write the directions in your own words, adding your own special recipe tips and colorful descriptions, etc.

The only exceptions to this would be

1) ...possibly if the directions are so bland and basic that you don't see how they could be copyrighted -- like if they aren't creative at all and you can't figure out how to change something so basic. Even so, though, maybe you have some tips you can add.... That would be great!

2) If you have permission to post it as is, you certainly can do that, and if so, please state it in your post that you have permission from the author.

Thank you!
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