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Default Re: Ooma? Magic Jack?

We have had ooma for years and years and years and still have it. I love it as our home phone. We started back when it was free and you only paid the taxes and got grandfathered in at those prices. I don't see us getting rid of it. We have an old school plug in phone attached to the wall and it's nice to know that if needed the kids can always make a call and that we can always be reached if needed when at home.

Not sure how the referrel system works but if you need one from a current user I'd be glad to go through whatever process that takes. Just lmk.

ETA: I logged in to see. We've had it since 2013. Our monthly bill is $5.42 which is supposedly just the taxes (and FCC mandanted charges and such....). Not sure what rates are now.

Looks like there's a referrel link? Not sure if I can post it or need to break it?
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