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Default Re: Going and Staying Veg with Allergies/Intolerances/Celiacs

We ate vegan for a while and ending up dropping it due to my pregnancy (couldn't stand to prepare food ) and ds's allergies to every type of nut and several legumes, including soy. We stayed off dairy for a couple of years, but eventually introduced eggs back into our diet... then occasional meat.. then more meat and even a little cheese in recent weeks. He is still reacting to things and has his next appt. on Monday, and I'm gonna thrash the doctor if he tries to back out of testing for the things I want. (oops.. sorry.. *Gentle* Christian mothers, Paula.. *gentle*) I asked him well over a year ago to test for legumes and he wouldn't. grrrrrrr...

Just checking in and I'll add more when I get my book.

(and we LOVE Vance's )
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