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Default Re: Grey water friendly washing

Originally Posted by Aerynne View Post
I think your bigger issue here is that if you are washing diapers, gray water becomes black water, doesnít it? Once there is poop in it you canít really consider it gray water.
Not exactly. Everything we do is based on the permaculture principal of stacking functions. We grow a variety of fodder/food plots for our livestock and have a deer food plot. So these can be watered using grosser gray water. We also have an animal bedding compost system that needs watering during the couple of dry months. The compost heats up enough to kill pathogens over time. In many other countries sewage lagoons are used for aquaponics and the resulting fish are sold at markets! We have a sewage lagoons but don't grow fish in it, there are however a few wild turtles that call it home. There is also what is called humanure which is what you can probably guess. My main concern is not having any salt buildup nor toxins entering the soil and water table. There really is no away when it comes to waste, whether it be water waste or garbage.
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