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Default Re: Twins and night waking

Originally Posted by Aerynne View Post
That sounds super hard! I donít have twins, but since most people here donít have twins, I assume you are okay with advice from non twin moms. 22 months is old enough to night wean. I would teach them the difference between light outside and dark outside by remarking on it when you can. Make sure they eat and drink well right before bed. Then teach them that we only nurse when it is light outside. This is the part that is hard with twins, though, because they will cry when they canít nurse. Offer a drink of water but that is it when they wake up. It is not CIO because you are there to comfort them. Ideally your husband would take a week off work or you could have a relative come. Or you start on a 3 day weekend so you at least have a head start and your husband or relative sleeps in a different room with one baby and you have the other and they have some tough nights learning thatthey donít nurse at night anymore (but still getting snuggles to help with their sadness). They figure it out andthey sleep much better after that. I have done that with my kids, but the twin thing throws a wrench in it, but that is probably how Iíd do it. You could do it alone but it would be hard because they would wake each other up.
Yeah that is why I haven't tried to night wean them yet- they start screaming and waking each other up. I am also hesitant because I'm not sure that night weaning will stop the night waking. I have never night weaned this young. All my others were closer to three and much more able to understand what I was doing. I do have another place my husband could sleep for a couple of nights though since all three of my other boys insist on sleeping it one set of twin bunk beds
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