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Default Re: Definitions of different baby carriers

Well the options are really:

Wear one on the front and one on the back. For this two wraps are fine, two mei tais, or one of the previous suggestions and an onbu on the back (though take care with positioning the rings). I tend to tie the front carry first, spread the fabric on the back properly, then do a back carry with rucksack shoulders (meaning not crossing over the front just going under the arms).

Wear both in the same sling - more practical when they are both small! A pouch would be fine or a ring sling, usually with babies facing each other. I've had most success wearing two similarly aged babies (about three months old at the time) in a wrap together. I tied a front wrap cross and laid both babies down (cradle position I think it's called). I don't have twins though, or frequently wrap other mums' children!

Wear two babies on the front (good for nursing babies, though this too has a real knack to it). I've seen pictures of a mum with two ring slings (again, take care not to trap one ring under the other sling or it will probably bother you). I've used two pouches, and a pouch/rs combo myself with children of different ages. I've also seen pictures of a mama with two wraps tied in a simple cross carry at the same time, though I'm not sure how she tied them.

If I was expecting twins I'd want - two wraps, one mei tai, two pouches, one ring sling. I'm a sling addict and have more than that already though.

Can I also add to the array of definitions that there are also Kangas (very short wide wraps) and also a fairly recent thing that sells itself as a wrap, looks like a wrap, is structured like a hard carrier but soft and stretchy, and adjusts with rings like wearing dual ring slings! It's called a Close Baby Carrier and having been so-so about it after one attempt I have decided it's all faf and no benefit. Ring slings or wraps are pretty good without trying to combine them in something that can't be used for as long as either alone. Wouldn't recommend them for twins, certainly. HTH...
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