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Default Re: What are the must haves in your herbal medicine cabinet?

Originally Posted by thrillofhope View Post
The rules: You must give *specific* directions for use. No one is allowed to say, "I use XYZ essential oil for sleep." It needs to be more like, "I dilute # drops of XYZ oil in # drops (or give us a ratio) of ABC oil and apply to my feet for sleep." Got it? Okay! Let's go!

I use lavender and TTO for respiratory problems (primarily because those are the only oils we have right now. ). DD gets a really croupy cough, and I put her in a hot shower (as hot as a four year old is safe in) and sprinkle a bunch of TTO and lavender oil on the shower floor (maybe 10-15 drops of each). The smell lasts a long time and really seems to help. She just sits in the shower and breathes.
thank you for information!
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