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Default Best twin carrier?

I have a dear friend who is expecting twins (her first babies!) this summer. As the only mom in our circle of friends, I've been designate the gift chooser for what we'll collectively get her. She has tons of stuff and told me she needs no clothes for them, so I want to get her a good baby carrier.

I am trying to decide if I should get her a carrier for both babies at once or just good carrier for a single baby to introduce her and her DH to the concept. I can see her DH wearing a baby, so I want to get something both of them can use. He's a pretty hefty guy, she's tall but on the thin side.

My thoughts were:
1) ergo with infant insert- benefit is that it's so comfortable for so long; easy to use, manly looking for dad, and the although I didn't have one when DS was small enough to use it, I've seen the infant insert and think it looks awesome. Drawbacks- can only do one baby at a time, and i think in those first few weeks the soft stretchy wraps are just closer feeling, like you feel closer to baby, make sense?

2) moby type wrap-- benefits, it's cheaper so if they like it they can get another one easily (or we could maybe just get them two of them) and the above mentioned closeness you feel to baby with them. Drawbacks- harder (initially) to use, maybe not as manly looking, can't use them for much over 10 lbs.

What do you ladies think?

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