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Default Re: Workbook for vocabulary esp for testing?

Originally Posted by rdsmommy View Post
DS is studying for the SAT and this is what I told him to do. He told me he kept having to look words up from the practice tests so I told him to get a notebook and start writing them down along with a definition. Maybe some SAT vocabulary flash cards would help. Or maybe Google academic vocabulary and see if there is a list of words she can study.

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I did a Google search and this came up.

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This too.
Thank you. I sent her the link. We used in previous years but I think she learns better with pencil and paper. It's more anchoring to the task. I have suggested that she work through one this summer, but I haven't found a workbook yet.

The quizlet link is great for English vocab! She's already through with college English though. She made an A and a B in those classes!

I looked over what her history professor said about her essay. And I think he graded it way too hard. She might have to find a history professor with a different grading method! Basically it's 4 multiple choice tests. If you pass all of them, you get a C. You cannot get an A or B unless you do the essay question that goes with each test. You can get an A only if you get an A average on all the multiple choice AND the essays.

She's not good at multiple choice but she's better at essays. She got a 52 on the multiple choice and a 58 on the essay.

I don't think, based on his feedback, that she deserved a 58 on the essay. It sounded to me like she at least passed it.

She's taking a retest soon. He's only giving a retest on this one test. I told her if she can't make an A on the retest where she's already seen some of the questions, then she probably needs to drop because I'm not confident she'll be able to pass the other three tests.

She's definitely more likely to improve her essay score than multiple choice, but she's got to get at least a 70 average on the multiple choice in order to pass. It won't matter how good her essays are. Which is stupid.

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