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Joyous Homekeeping

Joyous Homekeeping?!? Does that mean that the ladies of GCM are all "supermoms" who are always happy about all the work they have to do to keep their house clean, to keep everyone fed, to even have enough dishes to use at the next meal? No . . . not really. But I know that I hope, by God's grace, to someday have true joy and contentment in my role as "homekeeper."

It is my earnest desire to someday be a wonderful, joyous homekeeper. I want to be organized, to learn how to delegate appropriate responsibilies to my children, to respectfully ask for help from my husband, to have a routine that works -- and, honestly, I want to simply have the energy and the desire to wash those dishes sitting in the sink (I've heard that getting a clean sink is a great first step!).

This page is for every woman -- those who have "arrived" and have the elusive clean house, or at least semi-clean house that they are happy with, and those who feel dread in the morning when they get up because they know the mess that awaits them. Each day we have a great opportunity to bless our families. Let's embrace that opportunity and remember that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Let's ask God for a joyful heart! Now go out and bless your families, ladies! :)


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